Program of Activities



Session 1: “AMORIS LAETITIA: The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and in the 21st Century”

The Church needs to understand the complexity of families. It needs to meet people where they are, which takes into account their complexity, values and mission. People should not be fit into over rigid classifications giving no room for personal and pastoral discernment. People are encouraged to live by the Gospel, are supposed to be welcomed to the Church that appreciates their particular struggles. Amoris Letitia focuses on people, approach, understanding, compassion and values.


Session 2: “PREX: A School of Being Family”

The updated PREX Vision, Mission and Core Values & Dynamics outlines the values that bind graduates of PREX as an extended family.


Session 3: “Sanctity of Marriage & Threats to Its Stability”

This session will discuss the topics of same sex marriage, annulment, divorce, excommunication and the role of conscience. While same sex marriage is not permitted, the Pope said, he wants to reaffirm the full context of homosexual person’s need to be respected in his or her dignity and treated with consideration. Every sign of unjust discrimination is to be very carefully avoided, particularly any form of aggression on life.


Session 4: “Ang Pamilyang Pilipino, Noon at Ngayon” (Facing the Challenges of the Times.)

A video presentation of Kuyas and Ates sharing their experiences as they encounter difficulty being accepted in society and/or the Church on account of their special circumstances (e.g. LGBT, single parent, divorcee, live-in partners, attempted suicide, practiced abortion, separated families, OFW families.


Session 5: “JESUS, MARY & JOSEPH” (A source of inspiration and love for family life)

To portray human dimension of the family of Jesus, from his father Joseph, who in his own quiet way followed the will of the Father to take Mary as his wife, took care of the mother and child from birth, during their exile in Egypt, and in Jesus’ growing up years. Mary, the obedient servant of the Lord, who reared up the baby Jesus and shared his sufferings until his death on the cross. The life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is a model of love in the family that inspires families today, complex as they are, in this 21st century.


Session 6: “THE FAMILY: Responsible Stewards of God’s Creation”

Taking off from Pope Francis’ encyclical LAUDATO SI, this session will discuss man’s role and responsibility for God’s creation. The family is the principal agent of an integral ecology. Realizing that every creation – man and other creatures (animals and plants) is a gift from God, the speaker will exhorts us to take care of the environment. The challenge today, and in the years to come, is how to prevent the destruction of God’s gift through climate change and global warming, much of which is man’s own doing. As parents, how do we teach our children the values of the dignity of life and the responsible use of things?


Session 7: “Building Personal Love Relationship in the Family”

The family is the first school of love. “We cannot encourage a path of fidelity and mutual self-giving without encouraging the growth, strengthening and deepening of conjugal and family love” (AL 89). The Church consists of God, the family and children. The exhortation on the family, the Pope speaks as a pastor to married couples, expectant mothers, adopted parents, widows, as well as aunts, uncles and grandparents. No one feels unimportant or excluded from God’s love. How do you build personal love relationship in the family?


Session 8: “Social Media: Its Impact on the Family”

In this age of fast growing technology, never before has a generation diligently recorded themselves via various media platforms (facebook, tweeter, Instagram), yet accomplishing so little. Social media has its good effects (linking communities at a press of a key), yet excessive use thereof has spawned psychiatric problems that impact on the families. Pope Francis calls on everyone to protect the family.


Session 9: “The Church as One Family Sharing the Joy of Love”

As highlight of the convention, and after listening to the different sessions on Amoris Laetitia, the last session seeks to inspire PREX graduates to go home to their families, to their parents, to their communities and places of work as messengers of the Joy of Love, to proclaim the Good News and to share the joy of the Gospel. As members of the Church founded by Jesus, we are encouraged to follow his greatest commandment, i.e. to love one another.